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Catalogue, pre-sales and collection software solution, created to ease any commercial processes involving products sales support operations.
It is aimed at Companies with sales forces operating on the ground.

Now, KORA provides you, in one single system, 
  • permanently updated catalogue that allows you to register orders directly, through the customer cardex or through the catalogue
  • communication directly with the ERP and the warehouse
  • access to customers’ checking account
  • Shopping Module – it enables collection and verification of information on previously established conditions (product placement/price/promotions) through a customisable sheet
  • Cubic content – it calculates the relation between the quantity of the product ordered and the  containers’ capacity
  • Georeferencing

  • This is a Multi-Company, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language and Multi-User solution
  • Its design is simple and attractive
  • Its interface is user-friendly and intuitive, with no need for training 
  • It makes the sales process more fluid
  • It reduces response time to orders
  • It simplifies stocks management

KORA is composed of two main components: BackOffice and Tablet
  • The BackOffice is based on Microsoft products:
    • Microsoft SQL Server Database
    • .Net Development
  • The Tablet is based on Android platforms:
    • SQL Lite Database
    • Java Development for Android

No ERP software change is required by KORA, as it can be easily integrated with any solution used in the costumer company.

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