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Sharing Knowledge

Infos is a company specialised in developing and implementing management software.

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Aiming at excellence

We invest on an ongoing basis in Research & Development, we test new technologies, methodologies and management practices, in order to provide the solutions best adapted to your company’s need and goals.

For us, Software is a tool… 

By choosing an INFOS Solution, you not only opt for the best software available, but you also opt for a trustworthy partner, with a team of experienced Consultants, qualified by their deep knowledge in their area of activity, able to support you in executing your initiatives and in reaching your goals.

INFOS Solutions

Our solutions stand out for their verticality and adaptability
Each of the several activity sectors have their own management methods. Also, each company’s organization has unique features. Being aware of that reality, we develop global solutions, having your business specific needs in mind

 Vertical Solutions for:   Software and Services:
  • Footwear
  • Distribution
  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Textiles
  • Garment
  • ERP
  • Store Integrated Management – BackOffice and POS
  • Enterprise mobility solutions for self-sales, pre-sales and associated catalogues 
  • Production Control and Monitoring 
  • Technical Assistance and Help Desk
  • Systems Engineering

On January 31st 1990, the company INFOS – Informática e Serviços, Lda is officially formed.

It had two main development strands: sectorial specialisation of the solutions provided (Distribution and Logistics; Industry; Retail; Services; Textiles, Garment and Footwear) and incorporation of several services and products complementary to its core-business (consulting, professional training, safety, hygiene and health at work).

The Company becomes a Group, broadens the range of solutions provided to its clients and becomes the business partner by excellence for companies intending to maximize their results, optimise their processes, gain market share and GROW.

Main Stages of Our History (Timeline) 


Establishment of INFOS - Informática e Serviços, Lda. and beginning of its activity


Beginning of production data collection through optical Reading techniques


Studying tools to develop database applications


Establishment of ENS – Empresa Nacional de Software, Lda., a Progress Software Corporation Products distributor for the national market


Establishment of DRN – Distribuição e Serviços Técnicos de Informática, S.A., entity focused on hardware assistance and maintenance


Beginning of the UNITEX Management Application Software Commercialisation


Transfer of the company’s headquarters to Leça da Palmeira



Conversion into a private limited company

Millennium Bug/Y2K: conversion and adaptation of INFOS solutions implemented in our Clients, in order to avoid failures due to the year 2000 incompatibility


Analysis in order to implement an Internal Management Solution


Reorganisation and merger of the INFOS Group Companies

Entry in circulation of the Euro: Conversion of the INFOS Solutions implemented in our Clients into the European Single Currency


Infos is awarded the “SME Excellence Status 2001 – services”

Consolidation of the company’s structure, aiming at ensuring a greater monitoring and support from the Administration to the Management departments


Development of an internal methodology for Projects implementation


Assignment of the Inofor / IQF Accreditation status

Implementation of a Qualtity Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard and necessary concession audit preparations


Accreditation as an IQF Training entity

Assignment of a Certificate of Conformity by the SGS, according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard


Establishment of Partnerships with Microsoft and Cisco

Beginning of Infos activity in Lisbon


Assignment of the Microsoft Gold Partner and Cisco Certified Partner certifications

Beginning of Infos Retail activity located in Leiria


Reorganization of the Group Companies into a more qualified one adjusting to new Market realities
Birth of IFGE – Instituto de Formação e Gestão Empresarial, devoted to professional training and support to investment projects applications
INFOS is awarded the SME Leader Status 2008


Constitution of Infos ITV – Textile and Garment Industry and of Infos DL – Distribution and Logistics, with the aim of obtaining a greater specialization and focus in each activity sector

INFOS is awarded the “SME Leader status 2009”


Birth of Gliese – Work Solutions, devoted to providing hygiene and health at work services

INFOS is awarded the “SME Leader status 2010”


Remodelling and Modernization of the INFOS Group facilities

Investment in the use of new technologies to develop the current products and to design new ones

INFOS is awarded the “SME Leader status 2011”


INFOS is awarded the “SME Leader status 2012”


INFOS is awarded the “SME Leader status 2013”

Beginning of the internationalization process

Launch of the new Pack Multi VC


INFOS is awarded the “SME Leader status 2014”, for the 7th year in a row

Presentation to the market of the new mobility solution: KORA

INFOS is once more assigned the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate


Celebration of the Group’s 25th anniversary

Launch of the new Human Resources Management Solution: pplPortal


The first Client’s Day Event takes place on the 28th of January

Project INCIDIUM is born


INFOS is awarded the “SME Excelence status 2017” and Microsoft Gold Partner


INFOS is awarded the “SME Excelence status 2018"



INFOS completes 30 years of activity

Infos partners